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sorry to just drop a link and run, but the Carolyn Hax article this morning _Family ties and the unwinding of ‘self-improvement’_ was good enough that I need to leave it here to read again.
The way she re-frames the boyfriend's concern is ...interesting and made a lightbulb go off over my head about an old friend I don't see much anymore (not any of you, lj-list).


Mar. 12th, 2015 02:31 pm
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One of my favorite authors, Sir Terry Pratchett has died. Quietly, in his own bed with his cat, says the BBC.
Small Gods was the first book of his I read. I think I picked it up at music practice one Monday, [livejournal.com profile] greatsword had left it lying around. I was entranced and chewed through Greatsword's entire Pratchett library in a couple of weeks.
I think we all knew after the Alzheimer's diagnoses a few years ago that the books would stop coming someday, but ... I just never wanted that day to be "today".
Rest in Peace, Sir Terry. Thank you for giving me for a whole world.
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There was a dead hawk in the backyard, caught between the fence and the wisteria, when I got home from Thanksgiving weekend. I found it last night and did what any grown-up would do; called my mom. Call animal control, she said. Sadly, budget cuts in my county mean that animal control doesn’t deal with dead things in your backyard. If I wanted to put the body in a bag and leave it on the street, they’d be happy to pick it up. I asked a few questions and they weren’t going to get all CSI on it, so I decided against leaving it out for the school children who walk past my house to find this morning. Some teacher at the local middle school probably had a much duller Show And Tell today. Pity. It was a large and beautiful hawk and would have been quite educational.

I put on work gloves and lined the trash can with the biggest bag I had. GM was dispatched to the shed to get shovels and rakes and implements of destruction. I bravely got close enough to place the trash bin directly under the hawk. In the moment my back was turned to pick up the rake, GM poked the dead thing with the shovel and dropped it directly into the bag.

Being both a boY and a knight, I should have known he’d fix any problem that could be solved with a stick.

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Haven't done one of these for a while:
1. I went to visit my parents over president's day. Mom had saved a Penzey Spice catalog for me because it had a variant on lasagne in it, a method for rolling up the lasagne in the noodle. I can't decide if it's worth trying or not. It might make serving easier for a big group. I'm hoping to get a veggie lasagne into the freezer this weekend, as back-up dinner for the lenten season.
2. The most depressing thing I've seen all week: it's a timeline/map of unemployment from 2004 to 2011.
3. I just realized I'll have my five year anniversary at HP this year (mid-March, IIRC). Which means if I count the months at the start-up I thought I was being hired by just before they were purchased by HP, GM's been listening to me complain about this job for five solid years. I'm surprised he has not stabbed me with a fork.
4. I'm not making as much progress on my 2011 art goals as I'd like, but I have a date to make beer this weekend with by apprentice's boyfriend. I hope this helps me make the decision whether I'm going to start brewing again, or that it is time to give away all the gear.
In the positive art goals column: I've begun learning to knit which I hope gets easier. Gormflaith and I dyed and finished three small leather purses that GM had cut out. In the next few weeks, I hope to hem/alter three dresses and start painting the IKEA glasses left from PPF2.
5. The last two Wednesday dance practices have been filled with attempts to reconstruct Playford's Saint Martin (#66). It's a bit awkward in places, but I think once we get used to it people will like it.  The tune is not so pretty as (for example) Maiden Lane, but it's better than some.
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I know this sounds stupid, but I was websurfing and found a site for unclaimed property in CA.
No millions for me, of course, but I found several items my parents could claim. If your family's been in CA for a while it might be worth a few minutes. 

*not really free, it looks like making a claim will cost you a little in copying fees, stamps and notary fees.
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 Friday night I found a dollar at the gas station. Saturday morning I found two $20 on Chestnut Street, behind the Trader Joe's. I used the dollar I found Friday to buy a lotto ticket (yes, I'm numerically illiterate, whattayougunnadoaboutit?) . I got three numbers and won $10, more than I've ever won on the lotto before.
I gave the $40 to the All Saint's food closet, because after I thought about it for a while I realized that I'm rich enough that $40 doesn't seem like a lot of money. There's been a cheque for $40 in my wallet for more than two weeks because I can't be bothered to go out of my way to the ATM to deposit it.
Much like the time I thought it was happy/important when everything in my house was clean, I began to wonder, when did I begin to think of $40 as not very much money? Back in 1991 I was living on Fremont Street and near that same Trader Joe's there was an abandoned quarter in one of the newspaper machines. I nabbed it and walked to the Safeway, where that quarter paid for several days of carrots and potatoes. They were having a root vegetable sale, like three pounds for a dollar.
Maybe I should complain a little less about having to be an adult. And maybe I'll use the $10 from the lotto to buy some ice-cream.
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There was a brief moment last night when every dish and garment in my house was clean. It didn't last long, but it did happen.

When did I start to care about a thing like that?


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