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Tonight’s lasagne is another attempt at a white lasagne. Based partly on [profile] j_i_m_r’s suggestion in a previous lasagna thread and partly on Introducing Four-Cheese Lasagna in Cook’s Illustrated magazine, May&June 2007 (page 18-19).
For this lasagna I made a white sauce of 4 Tbl butter, garlic, 1 minced shallot, 1/3 c flour, 2 1/2 c milk, 1 1/2 c duck broth, 1/2 tsp salt, 2 bay leaves, Gruyere cheese, and parmesan cheese. I made a cheese layer of 1 tub of Trader Joe’s ricotta (drained), 1 egg, 1 head of garlic (previouly confited in duck fat), 2 tbl chopped parsley, 2 oz chevre (goat cheese), 1/2 tesp black pepper. For  the meat layer, I chopped up six smoked duck legs from Dittmer’s, removing as much fat as I could (the bones went into the broth).
Stacking: Coated the bottom of a big lasagna pan with oil from the jar of pesto, and added some of the white sauce. Layer of noodles (Barilla no-boil noodles soaked in hot water and the remaining duck broth). Layer of ricotta mixture (about 1 ½ cups). ½ cup of caramelized onions.  Layer of noodles. Duck meat, apx 8 oz gorgonzola cheese, pesto,  the remaining ricotta mixture, more white sauce. Layer of noodles. Chopped sun-dried tomatoes, all the white sauce, and apx 6 oz asiago cheese. Bake 350. It’s still in the oven, but it smells really good so far.
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So I'm thinking about making an experimental lasagne this Sunday. I'd like to make a lasagne with duck meat (probably smoked breast, chopped fine), caramelized onions and a layer of mushroom Duxelles (probably porcini). But I can't decide about the cheese. I'll probably stay with Ricotta for the white layer, but for other cheese.....GM suggested conte cheese, so I might go with that, or an aged, smoked mozzarella.
I guess I don't really have to decide until I get to the Milk Pail this afternoon. Anybody have a good idea on what sort of cheese would go here? It's an otherwise ordinary tomato-based lasagne as described in previous posts.
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Today was my first free Saturday in a while so I spent most of it puttering around the kitchen. We've been watching too much Alton Brown, so I made a pork wellington, and a cheese souffle. The pork wellington was ok, but underwhelming. I like the pork wrapped in sage and proscuitto better. The cheese soufflé was very good. I'm not certain it was a good soufflé, I've never had a cheese soufflé before and the top of it looked like a badly pocked asteroid. But it's hard to go wrong with baked cheese. It was like what a really good quiche wants to be when it grows up. I also made GM's Grandmother's coffee cake. His mom gave me the recipe when we were visiting her a few weeks ago. It's very good for something so simple. She gave me several of her mother's cookbooks. I must remember to make chocolate rocks for her sometime soon.

I really should have spent the day taking care of the yard. The roses need deadheading, and all the beds need weeding. Hopefully I'll do that tomorrow.

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