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I baked the porcini lasagne from Sunday last night and it was good, but not the best lasagne ever. I think porcini are better saved for risotto. It also needed more pesto. But it was good, if not great, and I saved a meal's worth for [livejournal.com profile] zoccolaro . I hope he shows up for dance practice tonight so I can give it to him.
Grandmother is still in the hospital, and given that her dementia is such she can't remember that she had surgery last week, hopefully she be able to stay for a little while. I've never really thought about how to administer medical care to someone who cannot remember anything. I wish there was something I could do for her. On the upside, neither of GM's parents have had a crises recently, and my mom's no worse than usual.
I'm not ready for the cook's playdate at West/AnTir yet. I need to pick out some recipes so I can do ingredient prep this weekend. GM's got his recipes picked out already, but they are all late period veggies from Castleverto, and some stuff from Scappi. I was thinking about picking out some lamb recipes from the Arabic corpus, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't try some Spanish stuff instead.
I have resisted the siren call of the vending machine for more than a week now. Hopefully soon it will be off my habitrail. I'm thinking about giving up alcohol from after the West/An-Tir war until after my next birthday to see if it matters to my blood pressure and (hopefully) summer weight loss. I need to learn to resist the Friday donuts at work too.
I've been thinking a lot about the SCA recently, prompted only in part by the potential dissolution of the Shire of Esfenn. I've been (nearly) office-free for almost three years now. I'm not sure being office-free has actually reduced my stress levels.
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My grandmother (Martha) fell and broke her hip. Surgery might be tomorrow, might be the day after. Mom (who called in the final quarter of tonight's NBA finals game!!!!) isn’t sure. Two days after the hip surgery, the doctors are going in again to implant a pacemaker as her heart is a bit wonky. Neither surgery is particularly dangerous, but as one might expect Grandma is not in the best shape and because of the Alzheimer’s probably quite scared.
Please pray for healing, for medical teams with Mad Skillz, and for her comfort. Also patience and loving kindness for my mom. She and Grandma don’t have the best relationship, sadly.


Nov. 30th, 2009 08:20 pm
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I haven't posted all month, mostly because work has been insane. Really. I think one of my technical editors actually had kittens.
Other than that, I made 3 lasagnas (sadly I’m failing to remember enough details to list them here), one excellent cheese soufflé (thanks to mom who grated cheese and GM who whipped egg whites; I think part of getting soufflé to work is having all the ingredients ready at the same movement), my father's favorite Thanksgiving dinner and more waffles than usual. My father in law has been here all week, and he's very fond of waffles.
Mom brought me some Death of Snails, hopefully they’re finding a good home and 24x7 buffet in my herb garden. She also brought me a bunch of Hens And Chicks, which we planted along the fence outside the kitchen window. She promises me they don't need much care or water, so hopefully they will survive.
GM and I had a great anniversary dinner at The Kitchen Table in Mountain View. The “Koshuterie Plate” alone is worth the trip, and the duck two ways was fabulous. Madbaker had told me about the lamb bacon in such glowing terms I didn't believe him, but G-d as my witness, it really was better than pork.
:Q My dad can fix anything better than your dad. While here on vacation, he fixed my sink, the wall-heater in the back hall, and the kitchen light. He pulled out bamboo volunteers from the front yard, and installed a fan in the dining room. My dad's the best!
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GM and I did end up going to South Dakota last weekend. The visit to my brother's family went smoothly, and we all went to the WalMart portrait studio to get a picture taken. Mission Accomplished. We also went to see my eldest nephew in a community theatre production of Fiddler on Roof.

This weekend, GM's in Wisconsin at the Ring of Steel reunion. RoS is his old stage-combat troop. I hope he's having fun. I know I'm old&dull now; I woke up Saturday morning and realized the only constraint on my behavior (other than G-d and peer-like qualities) was 2,355 miles away and my next thought was ooo! I could have egg salad for lunch!

I made a veggie lasagne for next weekend {the usual sauce and no-boil noodles 1) drained ricotta with goat cheese, thin-sliced garlic, sliced zucchini, 2) cheese, pesto, chopped artichokes, chopped white-only leeks  3) portabella mushrooms cooked down with shallots, milk, and provolone, 4) chopped fresh basil, cheese, green garlic-stuffed olives, fresh tomatoes}. I also made Alton Brown's crepes. They are sadly disappointing.

The garden is in a terrible state. I've paid little attention to it all summer and the weeds are taking over the herb garden. Even more unhappily, last Monday I went out to look at the plum tree and thought "I should pick those this weekend" and when I went out Saturday morning, they were all gone. Not sure if it was the squirrels or the birds but not a single plum is left on the tree. 

GM's brother Peter is headed our way for a visit. I'm looking forward to seeing him, even though I have a small selfish wish he was coming in a less busy week. We're teaching a class in Cloondara on Tuesday, and I'm hoping that's the same day Peter will want to go to the city.

I like working from home. You see different things during the day than you do in the morning and evening. When you lean back at your desk to stretch you can think, in your best Wesley voice "My G-d what is that thing?", before running off to get the extensible duster.


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