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Dr. Seuss' Beowulf , because some things should not be resisted.
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Vacation in England was wonderful. I saw a road sign that advertised "Centurion Removal Services". I’m tempted to look them up on the internet and discover how they get rid of an unwanted infestation of centurions.
The Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery was both more and less than I expected. The people were friendlier than I expected, and we had many interesting conversations over meals. I’ll write more about the lectures in another post.
We spent a few days exploring south central England, including the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum which has some excellent period wall paintings preserved as well as a reproduction painted cloth that may be just the thing for a future feast backdrop. We got pictures.

Me and GM, just cause it's funny.
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I've wanted a giraffe for a pet since I was 15 years old, so when I came across this website it's like someone with too much time on their hands is twisting a knife in my heart. :sob: Want Want Want!


Jan. 19th, 2011 05:05 pm
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Once again, I've given myself a headache by trying not to laugh out loud in my cube. Read it at home: 
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Wally proposes an unholy alliance
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I ran across a link today to the story of the Christmas Spiders, one of the funniest things ever published on the straight dope message board.
Swallow. Set down your drink. Consider whether or not you should wait until you get home to read this (I should have, I think I just gave my self an aneurism trying to not laugh out loud in my cubicle). Click anyway.
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Scylla goes holiday shopping at Walmart
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falzalot sent this link to me, and I have to share the pain. Do not read while drinking (espically you, mad_duchesshttp://whatever.scalzi.com/2009/03/17/the-venereal-disease-channel-imaginatizes-greatastically/

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Adding the meme rules:

1. Post three links to humor you have found on the web which have made you laugh. Even better if they made you laugh so hard you had trouble breathing.
2. Each should have a description -- no naked links!
3. Post a link to the specific journal entry where you got this meme/game -- this will let readers follow the link-chain to get even more fun sites.
4. Ideally, your own entry should not be friends-locked.

My choices:

1. Things my Girlfriend and I have argued about. An English man and a German woman hold each other responible for the sin of thier nations.
2. Sauron's I stood next to the Emperor of the World at McDonald's! thread on the Straight Dope Message Board. Regisiter as a guest, and search for posts by Master Wang-ka, Scylla or Sampiro.
3. Another Straight Dope gem, Funny things said during love making/intimate moments... 

see here for more


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