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I like the Friday five, it’s nicely alliterative, and lets you know what is going to be here, even if my numbers are a little off.

Last weekend we got a lot of bookcases out of [livejournal.com profile] greatsword’s old house and moved them to my house. GM had wanted new bookcases, and somehow the idea that we were getting a lot of new bookcases never caused me to think that we’d need to, ya’know, clean off the old bookcases and move all books to the new ones. Needless to say, I spend all weekend moving books. But the good news is, you can  actually see all of GM’s science fiction books. Bad news is, we need to move all the history books to the back room. Tonight we’re taking two empty cases to [livejournal.com profile] klwilliams so she’ll have more space for Chaz’s books.

My handout for the Culinary Symposium is slowly coming into shape. I need to put together a power point slide deck for the trencher class and another for the PPF: How We Did It class, but that should be easy enough. [livejournal.com profile] gormflaith and I have a date for Monday to go over each other’s class handouts, hopefully she’ll catch whatever I missed in editing.

The dance ball is tomorrow. My foot is still bothering me enough that I won’t be teaching this year, so I’m considering being a total slacker and not arriving until the pre-ball dinner hour. There’s no reason for me to go early; [livejournal.com profile] zoccolaro has plenty of volunteers for gate, and I have little interest in decorating the hall. Maybe I’ll stay home and make a more interesting contribution to the potluck.

I’ve (mostly) been able to keep the weight I lost October off, so I’m going to try a second round of the crazystupid diet after President’s day weekend.

The household dinner went pretty well this year. GM and I made Mexican food, mostly with recipes from Rick Bayless’s TV show Mexico: One plate at a time. My favorite was the Enchiladas Especiales Tacuba Style. We had Mexican Wedding Cakes made with dried cherries and pistachios for dessert, I ate more of them than I should have. Yummy!

GM and I should really replace the old, inefficient wall heaters in the house with an actual heating system that works. We had a guy out to give us an estimate, and it was a little cheaper than I thought it would be. He also gave us an estimate for putting in air conditioning at the same time. For those of you who have bought/sold houses recently, how much does an air conditioner add to the value of the house?

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Today was my first free Saturday in a while so I spent most of it puttering around the kitchen. We've been watching too much Alton Brown, so I made a pork wellington, and a cheese souffle. The pork wellington was ok, but underwhelming. I like the pork wrapped in sage and proscuitto better. The cheese soufflé was very good. I'm not certain it was a good soufflé, I've never had a cheese soufflé before and the top of it looked like a badly pocked asteroid. But it's hard to go wrong with baked cheese. It was like what a really good quiche wants to be when it grows up. I also made GM's Grandmother's coffee cake. His mom gave me the recipe when we were visiting her a few weeks ago. It's very good for something so simple. She gave me several of her mother's cookbooks. I must remember to make chocolate rocks for her sometime soon.

I really should have spent the day taking care of the yard. The roses need deadheading, and all the beds need weeding. Hopefully I'll do that tomorrow.

Grandma's Cofee Cake )
Thinking about the Duck-Duck-Goose dinner )
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Every year GM has a dinner for his squires and apprentices. We don't usually have a themed dinner, but for this year I decided early I wanted to do a "everything but the squeal" pork dinner. I didn't succeed as well a s I wanted, partly because I didn't find a way to fix pork liver such that I liked it. But the dishes we ended up serving were good, so I'm happy enough with how everything turned out. Every dish had pork in it.
Cocktails before dinner were "Drunken Sows", bourbon with ginger ale and a swizzle stick of crispy fried bacon.
The appetizer course: 
Grilled Prosciutto-wrapped Shrimp with Creamy Herb Dressing  )Pancetta stuffed mushrooms (wrapped in slices of pancetta)
Phyllo Triangles with rosemary and pancetta filling
j_i_m_r's incredibly addictive dates stuffed with almonds and wrapped in prosciutto
smoky green olives stuffed with pate
Pate cut into cute little shapes
The salad course was Alton Brown's spinach salad with bacon and warm bacon fat dressing.  
The main dinner course:
Pork loin with garlic and sage, wrapped in prosciutto recipe from Gourmet magazine Sept05, use thin pieces of garlic, truffle oil, and bake for about 35 minutes.)
CousCous with veggies, wrapped in prosciutto recipe from Gourmet magazine Aug04, except I used sun dried tomatoes instead of bell peppers.
Mushrooms stuffed with Soppressata 
Steamed broccoli with maple/mustard sauce, recipe from Gourmet magazine, only for this recipe I used bacon fat instead of the salmon pan drippings)
Bread pudding with bacon and mushrooms , recipe from Emeril, double the garlic and cheese
Cheese puffs, recipe from Gourmet Aug03, except I used 1 cup of gruyer, 1/2 cup of parmesan, 4 ounces fried pancetta, 2 tesp prepared mustard and 1 tesp of ground pepper. I should have added at least 2 more tablespoons of flour.  
Dessert was blueberry pie with a lard crust (Bad link! Google for "All-Butter Pie Crust (With Variations)" I used 90g Plugra butter, 50g leaf lard), pig-shaped chocolates, and pig brittle.

I think next year's dinner will be Duck, Duck, Goose.

edited to add: I think I fixed the pig brittle link, many thanks to Urtatim who posted it last October..


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