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“Take almonds of the finest grind/ as many as you like/Add well beaten eggs therein/the yellow is the best/make it not too thick/in a quarter measure of almonds four or five yolks is enough/rosewater so it tastes well/so a weight of sourdough/so a weight of sugar/work into the dough with fine flour//leave it alone to bubble/mound it/as before/ in the form/of the waffle iron/so it is hot/salve with a feather/ take sweet almond oil/lay it on with force/to press the iron closed/let it bake/ over a prepared small fire/ or place it near toward the fire/ when you then think/ that is has had enough had on the side/ turn the other side of the iron towards the fire/and then take it up/lay another on it/let it not get too brown/ you can keep them up to half a year.” (trans by by the fabulous jillwheezul, whose class on wafers and wafer irons I got to take at the WCCS 2013, see http://jillwheezul.livejournal.com/tag/waffle)

7 oz almond marzipan (1 tube of Odessa brand marzipan)
½ cup water
Apx 2 cups sourdough starter
1/2 c wheat flour
1/2 c almond flour
4 egg yolks
3 Tbl rosewater
1-2 Tbl sugar
Pinch salt
1/2  tesp almond extract (optional)
4 Tbl water (more or less as necessary)
Chop marzipan small and dissolve in water. Add eggs, sugar, salt, and almond flour. Beat. Add wheat flour/sourdough starter. Add rosewater and almond extract as needed/wanted.  Bake in waffle iron (oil with sweet oil). 2.5 min in (my) hot waffle iron.

I had hoped these would be like the almond waffles one buys on street corners in Belgium, but alas, the sourdough (while wonderful) is not the same. For the next version of this I'm going to try a more modern, baking powder-based waffle recipe with marzipan.

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http://xkcd-rss.livejournal.com/344879.html Ouch. I haven’t updated this journal in a while, not because of facebook, but because my evil day job has eaten my brain. I don’t want to write about work, because if I let it spill over I fear there will be nothing else.
So here’s the not-work Friday Five (Wednesday wobbles?)
Dance: We’re about to move to our summer venue in Sunnyvale for 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. Let me know if you need directions. The 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays are in Menlo Park.
Art: I’ve been a total slacker about the trencher project; partly because work’s been so crazy when I get home in the evening I can’t bear to spend any more time staring at a computer screen. I’ve been testing wafer recipes, and most of them were popular at the cook’s playdate last weekend. I’m going to try some of the waffle recipes. I made some marzipan waffles based on a late 16th century German cookbook and they were really good.
Garden: I’ve got the tomatoes in, and hope to plan some more basil this weekend. The violets have gone crazy, growing in every spot that has dirt. They’ve even taken over the cracks in the patio. The irises did not have a very impressive year. I need to figure out how to feed them. The plum tree looks like it will have a good year. It’s covered in fetal plums already.
Diet: I’m still down 50 pounds from my start weight. I’m hoping to do one last round of the crazystupiddiet this summer (after we get home from vacation in the land of poutine) and lose another15 pounds to get down to my long-term goal weight. It’s been 2 years, 6 months, 13 days since I started on this path. It’s been interesting. I made low-carb pizzas by putting toppings on portabella mushrooms last night. I really liked it, so I’ll try to add that to the repertoire of maintenance foods. Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] learnteach, [livejournal.com profile] gormflaith and [livejournal.com profile] lifeofglamour who have inspired me to stay on the path.
Happy: I’ve seen three swallowtail butterflies already this summer. There’s a tiny red hummingbird living in the trees between me and lady next door. The hawk that lives on the airbase near work was picking up twigs a few weeks ago, and the other day I saw her flying with a companion. My parents have sold their house and are moving to Iowa (this is mixed-happy, I think it will be good for them, but I’m worried about them moving got the land of snow). After having grown up in an era when sun-bathing was just something teen girls did, I’m happy to say the dermatologist said I’m perfect. I think I’m finally getting to the place where I actually like going to the gym. And of course, I have the best husband in the universe, which makes everything better.
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There were a lot of great things at the West Coast Culinary Symposium last weekend, but I think one of my favorites was hearing Eduardo telling the story of how his kids had seen this commercial about a lamb-bit http://www.ispot.tv/ad/7I9x/kmart-easter-shoes-lamb-bit and their first comment being “that would be tasty!”. Other high points included jillwheezul’s wafer class. The handout alone was worth the price of admission; some of the many lovely pictures of secular irons will (hopefully!) support my theory on the evolution of fruit trenchers. I'll be using some of her recipes to make wafers for the West's Market Faire in April, 2014.
Troy Library saved by outrage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw3zNNO5gX0
A link to Jon Stewart ranting about the Monsanto Protection Act: http://blogs.sfweekly.com/foodie/2013/04/monsanto_protection_act.php
What does 2000 Calories look like? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgaqwFPU7cc (sorry about the ad) My take-away lesson from this video: never eat at the Olive Garden.


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