Sep. 6th, 2011 04:32 pm
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Me: Most everything is ok, except my new glasses. Like an idiot, I let the Dr railroad me into to getting two pairs of glasses, one for driving and one for distance, and now I hate them both. I can't do hand work and watch TV at the same time, and when I forget the change before a meeting, I can't see the screen. I want bifocals again. I haven't worn bifocals in about 15 yeas, but I'm sure I hated them less than this.
Family: The Labor Day visit to my parents was fun. We went to see the new Chinese garden at the Huntington Library. It was pretty cool. A bit of a long walk, but mercifully they have a new service, an electric cart to drive gimpy people from the main gates to the entries of the various buildings/gardens. Made mom's day a lot easier, and me much less grumpy about the $20/adult tickets. Mom's friends the Pebblies drove, which was nice. I loathe driving in LA. GM's brothers are considering take a vacation together next year, perhaps to Germany. I think it would be fun, but the scheduling is already a little difficult. I had small hopes to go to Italy, but the brothers want to re-trace some of the steps of one of their childhood vacations. Italy will wait for another year. The long-haired cat, for no reason I can discern, is pooping outside of her litter box. If she does not stop soon, I'm going to make her into mittens.
Art: The trencher project is moving along slowly. I've got just over a thousand discreet posies/verses in the database, and the hope of a few more once [ profile] hyster1a's friend LS manages to get the curators of the Ashmolean to show her more stuff! At least, I hope she can. Looking at the various photos of the trenchers they've put on display, I'm sure they have at least three sets, maybe as many as five. I'm behind on the rest of my art goals for this year. The painted glasses are slowly getting done, and I found some new acceptable-if-not-perfect white serving dishes at Safeway. Soon, I will repair the green dress, and get measured for my new German gown. I'll be teaching dance at collegium, probably entry-level English Country Dance, which does not take much prep. If I taught a class on the trenchers, what would you want to know about them?
Garden: After what seemed like the summer that never got hot, the tomatoes are finally ripening. It's been tomato and basil salad all week, which is (IMHO) the best part of summer. We finally got the Texas Privet tree that I hated taken out. The yard looks much more spacious and airy without it. I may try to put beds along that fence and move the tomatoes over there next spring. After the plum tree was done producing, [ profile] gormflaithand I pruned it back in preparation for taking it out this winter. I want to get a cherry tree, and she's found a vintage tree seller to buy fruit trees from.
Fun: I still want to go to Santa Cruz and ride the little roller coasters. If I go on Sunday Sept 25, or Saturday Oct 8th, does anybody want to go with me?
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Haven't done one of these for a while:
1. I went to visit my parents over president's day. Mom had saved a Penzey Spice catalog for me because it had a variant on lasagne in it, a method for rolling up the lasagne in the noodle. I can't decide if it's worth trying or not. It might make serving easier for a big group. I'm hoping to get a veggie lasagne into the freezer this weekend, as back-up dinner for the lenten season.
2. The most depressing thing I've seen all week: it's a timeline/map of unemployment from 2004 to 2011.
3. I just realized I'll have my five year anniversary at HP this year (mid-March, IIRC). Which means if I count the months at the start-up I thought I was being hired by just before they were purchased by HP, GM's been listening to me complain about this job for five solid years. I'm surprised he has not stabbed me with a fork.
4. I'm not making as much progress on my 2011 art goals as I'd like, but I have a date to make beer this weekend with by apprentice's boyfriend. I hope this helps me make the decision whether I'm going to start brewing again, or that it is time to give away all the gear.
In the positive art goals column: I've begun learning to knit which I hope gets easier. Gormflaith and I dyed and finished three small leather purses that GM had cut out. In the next few weeks, I hope to hem/alter three dresses and start painting the IKEA glasses left from PPF2.
5. The last two Wednesday dance practices have been filled with attempts to reconstruct Playford's Saint Martin (#66). It's a bit awkward in places, but I think once we get used to it people will like it.  The tune is not so pretty as (for example) Maiden Lane, but it's better than some.


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