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I was standing in the coffee room at work, waiting for my asparagus to finish nuking, and wishing for a ham and cheese sandwich. I was really trying to convince myself that I was being good by eating my veggies and I didn’t need to walk down to the cafeteria and spend money on a grilled ham and cheese sandwich when the cafeteria food nearly always leaves my with a faintly upset tummy anyway. Then, a pretty woman in a brown dress brought in a box of leftovers from somebody’s meeting. Ham! Yay!
I’m faintly tempted to walk around my floor and see who my new fairy godmother is, but I fear it might make me look like a weirdo.

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Christmas was nice. GM and I went to visit my parents in SoCal, so on Christmas day we went to the San Diego wildlife park to say hello to the rhinos and condors. On boxing day, we went to see the Adams Family Musical. Like most musicals it was charming, if a little thin on plot Then we came back home and lay around the house in utter sloth for a few days before New Year’s. I made a black eyed pea salad for New Year’s, and used the remaining peas to bulk out some red beans and rice. I’d never cooked with black eyed peas before, although I was vaguely aware that it’s a traditional new year’s dish in many parts of the US. I have a suspicion that it is one of those traditions that is making merit of necessity.

Diet: I’m either up 8.3 or down 40 pounds depending on which end you start from. GM and I are thinking about doing the 5/2 diet together over lent, and then I’ll (as necessary) do the final round of the crazystupiddiet in April or August.

Art: I spent most of 12th night in the arts display room, where GM and I had a display on tableware. We had some interesting talks with people about making vs. buying stuff, and about how we had come to the conclusions we had about the sizing of plates. I didn’t do any of the bread carving demos I was prepared for, but that’s ok. I had some every interesting talks about the fruit trencher project, and I really need to get my abstract written. Perhaps this weekend. The Duchess’s Ball at 12th night was fun. There was a lot of people I hadn’t seen before, which always makes the dance ball more of an adventure. Having Brocc be MC was wonderful.

Dance: The Crosston dance ball is scheduled for 9Feb2013, and I would strongly recommend coming and taking the day-time classes for anyone who is planning on attending the Perfectly Period Feast III in March. (Tickets for PPF III can be purchased here) he Crosston Dance Ball will give you a head start on dances that would be cool to know for the PPF after-dinner party. Wednesday Dance Practice will be focused on 16th century dances for the next few weeks, please write for times/directions.

[livejournal.com profile] gormflaith s home and resting comfortably after her (expected) surgery. I talked to her a little yesterday when she was still a big groggy on pain meds. I'll call again later today.

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There was a dead hawk in the backyard, caught between the fence and the wisteria, when I got home from Thanksgiving weekend. I found it last night and did what any grown-up would do; called my mom. Call animal control, she said. Sadly, budget cuts in my county mean that animal control doesn’t deal with dead things in your backyard. If I wanted to put the body in a bag and leave it on the street, they’d be happy to pick it up. I asked a few questions and they weren’t going to get all CSI on it, so I decided against leaving it out for the school children who walk past my house to find this morning. Some teacher at the local middle school probably had a much duller Show And Tell today. Pity. It was a large and beautiful hawk and would have been quite educational.

I put on work gloves and lined the trash can with the biggest bag I had. GM was dispatched to the shed to get shovels and rakes and implements of destruction. I bravely got close enough to place the trash bin directly under the hawk. In the moment my back was turned to pick up the rake, GM poked the dead thing with the shovel and dropped it directly into the bag.

Being both a boY and a knight, I should have known he’d fix any problem that could be solved with a stick.

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For weeks, there’s been a lovely green and yellow spider living above the rose bush just to the right of my front door. She’s about the size of a small person’s thumb. I was so hoping she’d stay until Halloween, so I could decorate her web with some food-safe silver spray to make her really stand out, but alas she appears to have moved on to buggier pastures.

I am very happy to be back on the low-carb phase of my crazystupiddiet. You know you’ve been dieting too long when the idea of getting to have green beans with dinner is exciting. While I didn’t make my final weight goal on this round as I’d hoped, I’m set to get there with (hopefully!) one final round in January. I’ve lost 25.3% of my starting weight since October 17th of last year. I’m hoping to be able to maintain my current weight through the Christmas cookie season.

In weight related news, I need to find a jeweler who works in platinum so I can get my wedding ring resized. There are some good reviews on Yelp for DD Jewelry in San Mateo, have any of you used them?

The move to my new office in Sunnyvale went much more smoothly than I expected, which was very nice. There are some things I miss about my old office, but my commute is actually shorter, and may get easier if the construction on Hwy 101 is ever completed. I live in hope.

Wednesday Night dance practice is moving to San Jose for the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. If you are interested in medieval and renaissance music and dance in the SF Bay area, please join the very low-volume email list on westdance.org.

Yahoo mail is misbehaving, so I can only hope my mother in law and brother in law are safe from Hurricane Sandy’s waters. MIL doesn’t email often, but no mail from BIL probably means he’s without power. I might try to calling tonight, if I get home at a decent hour.

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It’s been a good week, outside of work. We had Aasa’s early birthday at Wednesday dance practice, with a celebratory sour cream and raisin pie (my link button no workie!  http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Sour-Cream-Raisin-Pie-14458). Actually it’s been pie week all around, as GM made a chicken pie and I made cherry pie for dinner on Saturday.

Inside of work, it’s been a frustrating week of people who don’t know what they want, but want it right now. I’d like my job better if I was allowed to enforkenate the deserving. There’s at least one person who would look like a hedgehog afterwards, but I would feel much better, I’m sure of it.

As usual, I have no idea what to get my mother, or my mother in law, for mother’s day.

I think the spiders are trying to take over the house. The garden is full of spiders with white bellies, and the house seems to have more than usual of the tan-colored leggy ones. They must be eating something, but heck if I know what. At least the roses are blooming, and GM seems to have succeeded in his plan to actually have grass in the back yard. The shed is in dire need to fixing, we’ll need to do that Sunday.

This year’s vacations plans have shifted, we’re not going to Germany. :(  Hopefully the Germany plan is just put off to 2014. We’re going to Denmark/Sweden/Norway instead. Anybody got any can’t-miss destinations for the medievalist in those places?  

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In good news, I did manage to get most of the garden planted before the foot surgery. It’s especially good news as I’m not back to normal as soon as I was hoping for.  Bad news, the critters have eaten all the tiny little basils I planted. Hopefully when the larger, hardier basil plants are at the shops I’ll be up for digging again. I was worried it was too early to plant, but the weather's been sunny enough that the wisteria is already blooming. 

The second and fourth Wednesday dance practices will soon be moving to a new site in Sunnyvale. 

I’m back on the crazystupid diet http://ppfuf.livejournal.com/61472.html. I’m almost done with the very low calorie phase, and will be starting the low-carb phase on April 3rd (12 days until I can have cheese again!). I’m really tired of asparagus, but I’ve lost about 30 pounds total, and have about 20 to go. If you see me at Crown, please don’t feed me.

GM and I are thinking about going to Germany this summer, and meeting his younger brothers for some nostalgia. Their parents took them to Germany when GM was about 12 or so, and they want to revisit some the castles and stuff they saw. I’m not sure what part of Germany we’ll be going to, but if you have any “can’t miss” sights for the medievally interested, please  let me know.  (And as soon as I know where we’re going I’ll be along to pick your brain, tafelspitz.)

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I like the Friday five, it’s nicely alliterative, and lets you know what is going to be here, even if my numbers are a little off.

Last weekend we got a lot of bookcases out of [livejournal.com profile] greatsword’s old house and moved them to my house. GM had wanted new bookcases, and somehow the idea that we were getting a lot of new bookcases never caused me to think that we’d need to, ya’know, clean off the old bookcases and move all books to the new ones. Needless to say, I spend all weekend moving books. But the good news is, you can  actually see all of GM’s science fiction books. Bad news is, we need to move all the history books to the back room. Tonight we’re taking two empty cases to [livejournal.com profile] klwilliams so she’ll have more space for Chaz’s books.

My handout for the Culinary Symposium is slowly coming into shape. I need to put together a power point slide deck for the trencher class and another for the PPF: How We Did It class, but that should be easy enough. [livejournal.com profile] gormflaith and I have a date for Monday to go over each other’s class handouts, hopefully she’ll catch whatever I missed in editing.

The dance ball is tomorrow. My foot is still bothering me enough that I won’t be teaching this year, so I’m considering being a total slacker and not arriving until the pre-ball dinner hour. There’s no reason for me to go early; [livejournal.com profile] zoccolaro has plenty of volunteers for gate, and I have little interest in decorating the hall. Maybe I’ll stay home and make a more interesting contribution to the potluck.

I’ve (mostly) been able to keep the weight I lost October off, so I’m going to try a second round of the crazystupid diet after President’s day weekend.

The household dinner went pretty well this year. GM and I made Mexican food, mostly with recipes from Rick Bayless’s TV show Mexico: One plate at a time. My favorite was the Enchiladas Especiales Tacuba Style. We had Mexican Wedding Cakes made with dried cherries and pistachios for dessert, I ate more of them than I should have. Yummy!

GM and I should really replace the old, inefficient wall heaters in the house with an actual heating system that works. We had a guy out to give us an estimate, and it was a little cheaper than I thought it would be. He also gave us an estimate for putting in air conditioning at the same time. For those of you who have bought/sold houses recently, how much does an air conditioner add to the value of the house?


Sep. 6th, 2011 04:32 pm
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Me: Most everything is ok, except my new glasses. Like an idiot, I let the Dr railroad me into to getting two pairs of glasses, one for driving and one for distance, and now I hate them both. I can't do hand work and watch TV at the same time, and when I forget the change before a meeting, I can't see the screen. I want bifocals again. I haven't worn bifocals in about 15 yeas, but I'm sure I hated them less than this.
Family: The Labor Day visit to my parents was fun. We went to see the new Chinese garden at the Huntington Library. It was pretty cool. A bit of a long walk, but mercifully they have a new service, an electric cart to drive gimpy people from the main gates to the entries of the various buildings/gardens. Made mom's day a lot easier, and me much less grumpy about the $20/adult tickets. Mom's friends the Pebblies drove, which was nice. I loathe driving in LA. GM's brothers are considering take a vacation together next year, perhaps to Germany. I think it would be fun, but the scheduling is already a little difficult. I had small hopes to go to Italy, but the brothers want to re-trace some of the steps of one of their childhood vacations. Italy will wait for another year. The long-haired cat, for no reason I can discern, is pooping outside of her litter box. If she does not stop soon, I'm going to make her into mittens.
Art: The trencher project is moving along slowly. I've got just over a thousand discreet posies/verses in the database, and the hope of a few more once [livejournal.com profile] hyster1a's friend LS manages to get the curators of the Ashmolean to show her more stuff! At least, I hope she can. Looking at the various photos of the trenchers they've put on display, I'm sure they have at least three sets, maybe as many as five. I'm behind on the rest of my art goals for this year. The painted glasses are slowly getting done, and I found some new acceptable-if-not-perfect white serving dishes at Safeway. Soon, I will repair the green dress, and get measured for my new German gown. I'll be teaching dance at collegium, probably entry-level English Country Dance, which does not take much prep. If I taught a class on the trenchers, what would you want to know about them?
Garden: After what seemed like the summer that never got hot, the tomatoes are finally ripening. It's been tomato and basil salad all week, which is (IMHO) the best part of summer. We finally got the Texas Privet tree that I hated taken out. The yard looks much more spacious and airy without it. I may try to put beds along that fence and move the tomatoes over there next spring. After the plum tree was done producing, [livejournal.com profile] gormflaithand I pruned it back in preparation for taking it out this winter. I want to get a cherry tree, and she's found a vintage tree seller to buy fruit trees from.
Fun: I still want to go to Santa Cruz and ride the little roller coasters. If I go on Sunday Sept 25, or Saturday Oct 8th, does anybody want to go with me?
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1) This weekend will be my first weekend at home since May 7th. GM has a plan to fire up the smoker, and I'm going to weed the garden before my poor basil plants give up entirely. 2) The funniest thing I've read all week, Towels or Chicken, time to decide. 3) Half my coworkers are angry, and half are doing the I-told-you-so-Dance. Best quote so far:

Why am I not in charge of these things? The serial commas is a good thing—good for readers. Sometimes the last two items in a list constitute a pair, and sometimes they don’t, and readers shouldn’t have to waste even a single brain cycle figuring out which case it is. 

4) The trencher project continues apace. I've almost completed reviewing all the sets I saw in England. I am so glad I live in the age of Google and searchable bibles. If I had to find all those verses in hard copy I would have given up by now. I was dimly aware renaissance bibles had more books in them because of all the paintings of Tobias With His Magic Fish and Suzanna and The Pervy Elders, but there's another book I'd never heard of, Sirach. 5) GM wants to go to the SCA's Board of Drirectors Meeting and BBQ on the 9th. Are any of ya'll thinking about going?

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Last weekend: GM goes to band camp every Labor day weekend, so I usually go south to visit my parents. Mom and dad seem to be doing well, and grandma was mostly coherent (she suffers from some form of dementia). Grandma and I folded laundry together, and she seemed to stay on-task a lot better than I would have thought from mom's descriptions. Mom's new canary, Figaro, is nearly done with this molt and re-growth, and sings quite nicely. My parent's new dog, Nicolas, is better behaved than the other dog, Nellie, but is still a bit spoilt. Being a temporarily handicapped does make getting on and off the plane quicker, but no perk is worth having this damn thing on my foot. 15 more days until the next cast-off.

PPF2, bowls: There's another painting party scheduled for Sunday the 12th. There might be one more the weekend of the 18/19th, depending on how quickly we get things done. If you have a mighty urge to paint ceramics, please let me know.

PPF2, linens: I ordered a new roll of linen for the new under-tablecloth and some new napkins. I hope it arrives soon so I can get to work on it.

Garden: in spite of help from joycebre, the weeds are trying to take over. I need to open a can of whup-ass on the entire yard, something that may not happen until after the rains start.

Trenchers: A co-worker is gong to Toronto. I hope I can get him to take some pictures for me at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Cool link: A four-pointed Anglo-Saxon ring with dog heads!

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I did manage to get the freezer in the garage defrosted on Saturday. I also managed to purchase and install the last two tomato cages, weed the herb garden, do laundry and ran a bunch of annoying errands. The sages are doing very well this year. The Salvia officinalis is attempting a hostile takeover of the white sage and the clarey. I took the hedge trimmer to the rosemary, it's part of my springtime ritual, like when all the little boys used to get their summer buzz cuts

My old dishwasher is about to give up the ghost. I've got one on order, I hope it arrives before my parents do. Still have not got a mother's day gift for my mom, although I did call her on Sunday. We got GM's mom a GPS thingie for the car, but I'm stymied on what my mom might like. 

Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo

A discussion on historical sewing kits brought up this article, http://wkneedle.bayrose.org/Articles/period_workbox.html which is partly drawn from a sewing kit in this portrait: http://www.imareal.oeaw.ac.at/server/images/7015151.JPG

I'm so sore. I cleaned gutters on Saturday and pulled weeds. It's like there's a circle of sore around my torso
. But I managed not to break any nails, so they're just long enough to tempt me to go get a manicure. Can anybody recommend a nice nail place in Cupertino? And give me a hint on how much it would cost? 

Lena Horne passed away over the weekend. My first memory of her is as the good witch in The Wiz. Talking about the movie once prompted my grandfather to tell me a story about leaning on the piano she was playing at a club in New York. I wish he would have talked more.
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I feel like I'm making some progress on the Fruit Trencher project. I wrote to some of the SCA folks in Toronto, Canada and they sent me some photos of the trenchers in the Royal Ontario Museum. GM's hard drive ate the ones we took. I've got a few letters out to other museums, I should flag my calendar to follow up on those.

Spoon Workshop on Saturday. I'm hoping the weather stays clear, so we can work outside. If not, we'll have to squeeze into the garage. I'm planning a lasagne for dinner, if anyone stays that long. I need to figure out something for lunch, however.

My garden is still neglected. I finally managed to do some clean-up in the herb garden, but we've had so many rainy weekends (or been out of town) I despair. I have had one early iris bloom in the front yard.

I'm worried about Cassie, the short-haired cat. I should call the vet today and make an appointment.
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GM and I did end up going to South Dakota last weekend. The visit to my brother's family went smoothly, and we all went to the WalMart portrait studio to get a picture taken. Mission Accomplished. We also went to see my eldest nephew in a community theatre production of Fiddler on Roof.

This weekend, GM's in Wisconsin at the Ring of Steel reunion. RoS is his old stage-combat troop. I hope he's having fun. I know I'm old&dull now; I woke up Saturday morning and realized the only constraint on my behavior (other than G-d and peer-like qualities) was 2,355 miles away and my next thought was ooo! I could have egg salad for lunch!

I made a veggie lasagne for next weekend {the usual sauce and no-boil noodles 1) drained ricotta with goat cheese, thin-sliced garlic, sliced zucchini, 2) cheese, pesto, chopped artichokes, chopped white-only leeks  3) portabella mushrooms cooked down with shallots, milk, and provolone, 4) chopped fresh basil, cheese, green garlic-stuffed olives, fresh tomatoes}. I also made Alton Brown's crepes. They are sadly disappointing.

The garden is in a terrible state. I've paid little attention to it all summer and the weeds are taking over the herb garden. Even more unhappily, last Monday I went out to look at the plum tree and thought "I should pick those this weekend" and when I went out Saturday morning, they were all gone. Not sure if it was the squirrels or the birds but not a single plum is left on the tree. 

GM's brother Peter is headed our way for a visit. I'm looking forward to seeing him, even though I have a small selfish wish he was coming in a less busy week. We're teaching a class in Cloondara on Tuesday, and I'm hoping that's the same day Peter will want to go to the city.

I like working from home. You see different things during the day than you do in the morning and evening. When you lean back at your desk to stretch you can think, in your best Wesley voice "My G-d what is that thing?", before running off to get the extensible duster.


Jun. 24th, 2009 08:33 pm
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I trimmed the herb garden this morning. Something is killing the snails. I hope it’s the birds fulfilling the circle of life and not my gardener taking it up himself to put snail bait out.

Dance camp is next week. I had hoped my sorting though the language and patterns of Playford’s dances would yield something interesting, but no. I’m looking forward to taking classes on the Gresley manuscript. I need to pack. I need to remember to pack my dance shoes.

My mother wants us to fly to middle-of-nowhere South Dakota so she can have a family photo op. I don’t really want to go, but it looks like I have to.

I sanded down two rooms in practically perfect apprentice’s new house, in preparation for painting. Fortunately I had brought over the shop-vac. I got to say the words no Laurel should say: “Apprentice! Come suck me off!” Paint dust is tiny, and sticky. Karma was served when I tripped over a curb unloading the car. Ker-splat!

I got to take a class on the 7 Worthies at A&S. The presenter started with an assumption of student knowledge I didn’t have, but it was a good class anyway. I so need to re-read the Decameron, and maybe Canterbury Tales too.

I think I had a better time at Crown than I have in a long time. Hardly any responsibilities; and I got to go to the coolest dinner ever. The Wulfheim household put on a 14th century dinner. _Way_ cool. And by tomorrow, I should be done with the laundry.

I just know I’ve seen a c1440-1480(?) painting of a woman in a garden , blowing bubbles. I can’t find it and it’s making me crazy. I dug through all the garden pictures project on GM"s computer, so maybe it's saved on a CD somewhere. I'll try to find it after dance camp.

I’d really like to know what’s going on, politically, in the kingdom, but I suspect I’m happier in ignorance.

I got bounced from donating blood this week. I'm faintly annoyed, it would have been my 4-gallon mark for this center.


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