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Jan. 9th, 2017 02:18 pm
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Still trying to figure out how to see all y'alls post in my feed. If you have any hints on the most efficient way to do that, please let me know.
12th Night was moderate fun. Too few people in too large a space to be a really great party, but we got about 40 people at Duchess's Ball which is good considering that was about 10% of the entire 12th night attendees. Sandro's ceremony was nice, and the choir sang three times (once at the ceremony, at the Golden Stag presentation, and again at the Duchess's Ball) which was really nice... I liked being able to hear a bunch of songs.
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I'm looking forward to Coronet this weekend. It's always nice when the site is so close to us. The dance competition will be Danse De Cleves (also called hearts and flowers). This version is close to what we do, but their style is a bit more choppy (punctuated? I can't find the right word to describe it).
Whedon hits it out of the park again with this very slightly anti-Trump get-out-the-vote commercial. I'm glad I saw that before I turn off the internet and TV until after the election. Seriously, did the earth slip into some alternate dimension? Did a radioactive comet get to close? Where did our sanity go?
We didn't get many tomatoes out of the garden this year, partly (I suspect) because of the squirrels breaking the branches and partly because of the drought. Most of hardier herbs seem to be surviving, which is nice.
Most of you may have seen it on facebook, but the site for Perfectly Period Feast (Burgundy) has been reserved. It's the girl scout camp we've used for some of the West Coast Culinary Symposiums, Camp Bothin (3125 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Fairfax California 94930). Pretty site with cabins that have bunks and showers!
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The Duchesses' Ball at 12th night starts at 8pm this year. Hope to see you there.

Set list under cut )
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The Crosston ball is scheduled for the 28th, the last Saturday of February. It's going to be held at the Los Gatos History Club . Link to event and potluck-dinner information: https://www.westkingdom.org/as49/feb/crosston-dance-ball
If you would like to join the musicians, please contact me for a music packet. I think we have two new pieces this year, La Castellana and Beauté de Castille.
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Howdy everybody,

This week is the last practice of 2014, Dec17th in Menlo Park.
We'll be taking two weeks off for Christmas eve and New Year's eve.
We will resume Wednesday practices in Menlo Park for the first three (3) Wednesdays in January; the 7th, 14th and 21st.
On January 28th, we will resume the normal winter schedule with Dance practice in San Jose on the 4th Wednesday.

This leaves us with only 9 more Wednesday practices before the Crosston Dance Ball on Saturday February 28th, 2015. See website for details. http://www.westkingdom.org/as49/feb/crosston-dance-ball
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Crosston Dance Ball
The 2014 Peasant’s Picnic and Dance will be held at the lovely San Jose Women’s Club in San Jose CA. This enormous hall has a sprung wood dance floor!  In addition to dance and flirtation, there will be an arts display and a gambling den. There will be two preparatory dance classes: English Country Dance at 2pm, Italian and  French Dance at 3:30pm.
Dinner break is from 5-5:45pm. The Dance Ball begins at 6pm, ends at 10pm.(hall closes at 11pm) We do not have permission to use the kitchen, so please bring a picnic basket or plan to eat out. This is a damp site only  (Cider, beer, and wine ok, please no hard alcohol). Please mark your bottles and leave them with the bartender. (It’s an odd rule of the site that all alcohol must be served.)
If you are interested in playing with the dance band, please contact the autocrat who will send you a PDF of sheet music.
Event Schedule, The Crosston Dance Ball is Saturday January 25th, 2014: 1:30 pm, Hall Opens

2pm, English country dance class3:30pm, Italian and  French Dance

5pm, dinner

6pm Dance!

10pm, clean-up

11 pm Hall closes

Site Information:  San Jose Women’s Club. 75 S 11th St 95112 San Jose, CA

Please do not move the permanent furniture, and do not leave drinks on the piano.  Please keep outdoor noise levels down, as it’s in a residential neighborhood.

Please respect the loading zone in front of the hall. Parking is free on most streets.  Carpooling is highly encouraged. Nearest parking garage is SJSU’s North Parking garage at 10th and San Fernando, $5 all day.

Directions: From the north, take the 11th St exit toward  10th Street. From the south, take the 11th St exit toward 10th St. Turn right onto S 11th St, a one-way street. When you leave, remember to take 10th back to 280
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Put it on your calendars in PEN, the next Crosston Dance Ball will be on Saturday, 25January2014!

My vision of the dance balls tends to be very low-frills more-dancing, so if you have an idea you want to express, please come to a Wednesday dance practice and make your case on or before 16 October 2013. Early birds tend to get the worm for themes and decorations.

I'd like to run the ball as a donation-only event. No feast, bring your own pic-nic basket. Classes from 2-5, dinner from 5-6, Dance ball starts at 6:30 and goes until the hall closes. If you need a packet of sheet music please send me email off line, we should have the dance list settled by the end of September.
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http://www.perfectlyperiodfeast.org/ We'll try to go over as many of these as possible at dance practice tonight.

  • Set 1

  • Pavane & Galliard (Belle qui tiens ma vie)

  • Villanella *

  • Queen’s Alman

  • Sellenger’s Round

  • Dulce Amoroso Fuoco * (Passo E Mezzo)

  • Pinwheel (Les Quatre Bransles)

  • Set 2

  • Contrapasso

  • Rufty tufty

  • Black Alman

  • Alta Regina *

  • Bransels Pinagay & Charlotte

  • Candlestick bransel *

  • Set 3

  • Conto Del Orco

  • Jenny Pluck Pears

  • Lorraine Alman

  • Horses Bransle (Bransle de Cheveaux)

  • Gathering Peascods

  • Petit Vriens

  • Galliard (Untitled?)

* = dance to be taught in afternoon classes

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This year’s dance ball was great. We had about 80 people, which was a good turn-out for a non-rainy day. I had a really great time. It occurred to me on my way to church this morning that the reason I’d had such a good time last night was because for the past two years the dance ball had been a test of endurance and pain management. After the foot surgery last March (thank you Jesus for the miracles of modern medicine!), and a way longer recovery period than I’d hoped for, I’m finally back to being able to dance all afternoon and evening with no more pain than any desk-worker who suddenly decides to spend a day moving around.

We had fewer musicians than usual this year, so a double helping of thanks to those who came to play: Geoffrey Matthias, Vyncent Atte Woodgate, Alef of King’s Crossing, Catharine de Holocombe,  John Rossingol, Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn, and Alessandro Cantori.

Thanks also to my fellow dance teachers: Vyncent, Aasa, and Brocc.

Bonus thanks to the autocrat team: Violet, who made things pretty; Cin, who negotiated for the lovely hall, and John, who jumped on the grenade to save the rest of us. Again.

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If you'd like to play music at the dance ball this year, please reply here and I'll send you a PDF of the sheet music to whatever address I have for you :) 

Set 1
Horses Branles
Rufty Tufty
Alta Regina
Branles of War

Set 2
Bell Qui Pavan and Galliard  (Choir)
Heart’s Ease    (Choir)
Cuckholds all in a Row   (Choir)
Black Alman
Petit Riense
Black Nag
Candlestick Branles

Set 3
Branles Charlotte
Pease and Pork Branles
Branles Pinagay
Jenny Pluck Pears

Event details here: http://crosston.westkingdom.org/danceball2013.html
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Spring Investiture: Bransel of War
A&S: Conte dell'Orco
June Crown: Danse d'Cleves
Purgatorio: Gelosia
Fall Coronet: Amoroso
October Crown:  Jenny Pluck Pears
Fall Investiture: Anello

Saturday at Mists Investiture, the dance competition will be the Bransel of War.
Written-out Steps by Gregory Blount, a YouTube of a _very_ jumpy group of dancers, another YouTube of a less jumpy group, and a professionally done video of a similar Bransel; the Branle Charlotte.
The competition will probabaly be after Investiture court, but I don't know exactly when. Please keep an ear out for the heralds.  
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Spring Coronet: Old Alman (a helpful link to another alman, hopping not required for Old Alman)
Spring Investiture: Bransel of War

See you there!
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youtube videos behind the cut )

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Set 1: Horses Bransel, Rufty-Tufty, Villanella, Black Alman, Maiden Lane, Contrapasso

Set 2: Cuckolds all in a Row, Heart’s Ease, Carolingian Pavan, Galliard, Conto dell'Orco

Intermezzo: Pinwheel to the Lorayne Alman

Set 3: Old Mole, Petit Riense, Queen’s Alman, Rostiboli Gioiso, Contentezza d’Amore, Boatman

Set 4: Old Alman, Stingo, Dance de Cleves, Gathering Peascods, Jenny Pluck Pears

Crosston's Annual Dance Ball is Saturday, January 28th in Los Altos. See http://www.westkingdom.org/node/485 or http://inthewest.org/wiki/Crosston_Dance_Ball for details.

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For more information about 12th night, see the West Kingdom Wiki!
The Duchesses Ball set list:

Set One
Horses Bransel
Heart's Ease
Black Nag
Old Alman

Set Two
Sung Pavan (choir)
Sung Galliard (choir)
Chestnut (choir)
Cuckolds all in a Row (choir)
Bransle Montarde

Set Three
Petit Riense
Conto del Orco
Gathering Peascods
Black Alman
Jenny Pluck Pears
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Haven't done one of these for a while:
1. I went to visit my parents over president's day. Mom had saved a Penzey Spice catalog for me because it had a variant on lasagne in it, a method for rolling up the lasagne in the noodle. I can't decide if it's worth trying or not. It might make serving easier for a big group. I'm hoping to get a veggie lasagne into the freezer this weekend, as back-up dinner for the lenten season.
2. The most depressing thing I've seen all week: it's a timeline/map of unemployment from 2004 to 2011.
3. I just realized I'll have my five year anniversary at HP this year (mid-March, IIRC). Which means if I count the months at the start-up I thought I was being hired by just before they were purchased by HP, GM's been listening to me complain about this job for five solid years. I'm surprised he has not stabbed me with a fork.
4. I'm not making as much progress on my 2011 art goals as I'd like, but I have a date to make beer this weekend with by apprentice's boyfriend. I hope this helps me make the decision whether I'm going to start brewing again, or that it is time to give away all the gear.
In the positive art goals column: I've begun learning to knit which I hope gets easier. Gormflaith and I dyed and finished three small leather purses that GM had cut out. In the next few weeks, I hope to hem/alter three dresses and start painting the IKEA glasses left from PPF2.
5. The last two Wednesday dance practices have been filled with attempts to reconstruct Playford's Saint Martin (#66). It's a bit awkward in places, but I think once we get used to it people will like it.  The tune is not so pretty as (for example) Maiden Lane, but it's better than some.
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The Shire of Crosston's annual Dance Ball is Saturday, the 29th of January. Details on the Crosston website  and  the West Event Wiki.
Site: St. Mark's Episcopal Church 1957 Pruneridge Ave. Santa Clara, CA. 
Hours: Site opens at 11:30 AM Dance classes at noon, and at 5 PM the potluck starts. 
6 PM we will begin the ball, and the event ends at 10 PM. 
Set list under the cut )
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Duchesses’ Ball dance list:


Horses’s Bransle


Petit Riense

Montard Bransle

Queen’s Alman


West Kingdom Choir

Pavan/Galliard (to singing)


Bransle Charlotte


Black Alman




Dane de Cleves

Old Mole

Gracca Amoroso

Hyde Park

Gathering Peascods


Details about 12th night are here: http://www.westkingdom.org/node/297 and here: http://inthewest.org/wiki/Twelfth_Night_Coronation_2010#Schedule 

As far as I know, the Duchess's ball will be in the Court hall (Capital B&C) after a charity auction (7pm). I'm guessing the ball will begin about 8pm.

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1. Go Celtics! Beat them as only Lakers should be beaten! I hope Garnett's shoulder gets better before the game on Sunday.
2. Rosie and Godric gave me a dozen duck eggs at Investiture. They are large and pretty, but at the moment, I can't seem to tell the difference between them and chicken eggs. Last weekend GM and I made Huevos Ivar  )for breakfast, one batch with chicken eggs and one batch with duck and even side-by-side I wasn't sure. The Duck eggs might have a little more yolk to fat ratio. This morning I made Grandma Koehler's coffee cake, and it had no noticeable differences for being ducky. I'm still grateful for the duck eggs, as I'd been wondering how much difference eggs might make. I still want to get some goose eggs next time Whole Foods has them.
3. ermine_rat, I've got a CD of knife pictures, please don't let me forgot it give it to you this weekend.
4. A new-to-the-West dance teacher popped up on the dance list. She's out in Golden Rivers and wants to start teaching. I hope she succeeds, I've been feeling a little guilty the West Kingdom College of Dance is so mists-centric.
5. The tomatoes have all got flowers, and the early girl and the cheery tomato plant both have little green berries already. The basils are doing well, and are trying to flower. The flower bed is in dire need of weeding, I hope to get to that next Sunday. The tarragon is trying to take over it's corner of the world, as are the sages. Good thing they aren't close together.
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12th Night was fun. If anybody out there in LJ land has contact info for Aline (sp?, the arts-display person who had an Italian pitcher in the same style as the Spanish stuff GM and I have been working on) I sure would appreciate getting it. I'd like to talk to her about glazes.

I thought the duchess's ball was fun, but next year we're going to have to take Cuckholds Alle in a Row out of the set list. It was too complex to teach on the fly. I got one suggestion to have a class between court and the ball, I _might_ try that next year, if dinner, time, space, and The Duchess permit.

I miss Siobhán ní hEodhusa. I know she'd be pleased about people being sentimental about her song, To The West, but I wish she was still here. I thought the West Kingdom Chior's version of it in court was very well done.

I sat through most of coronation court, something I haven't done in a while. I thought Uther's speech was heartfelt and appropriate. Of course, later in the evening, I briefly considered blowing in my dance partner's ear and saying "hey baby, can I .....change your tire?".

Now, if I can just cope with the health-foo of GM's mom and my mom (do they plan these things? why can't they take turns?!) and get through the Crosston ball, I'll start thinking about my art goals for 2010.


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