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TRM Hauoc and Mina very kindly took time from their schedule to stop by dance practice last night and offer my practically perfect apprentice, [livejournal.com profile] gormflaith, membership in the Order of the Laurel! There was much sqeeing and hugging; I think a box of Kleenex came into play. And wine, because it was dance practice.

Her ladyship, the most excellent Flidais ní Eitigen has accepted; vigil and ceremony date to be determined.

Let the SEWING commence! ::happy dance::

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Terri Windling wrote one of my favorite books ever, The Wood Wife. There's currently a fundraiser going on for her, which includes things like signed books by Neil Gaiman, and rare concert recordings by Emma Bull. There's also some charming knitting projects, and promissories for editing help or access to the publishing world.
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Can you describe for me what makes you feel welcome in a new group? (SCA, school, work, girl scouts, church, AA, any group you had to walk into when you didn't know many people there is fine.)

I was wondering about this, because it's come up in a couple of conversations recently. I've been trying to remember why I felt welcomed and comfortable in some groups but not in others. I know there are lines between "off-putting", "welcoming" and "swarmed by mad-eye'd cultists", so I'd like to take a stab at defining them.

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It's amazing how quickly our "free" weekends fill up with things to do. Especially since next weekend is going to be spent entirely in the car.
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Most of you probably know [livejournal.com profile] learnteachwas injured in a motorcycle accident last November. The resulting hospitalizations have resulted in a haystack of medical bills. 

I'm sponsoring a fundraising lunch at the West Kingdom's October Crown Tournement on October 3rd.  Please come by for a sausage (or some vegetarian-friendly quiche). The lunch will be served from Trouble, the Crosston's black and yellow sunshade, somewhere slightly off the main fighting field.

If you would like to help with the lunch, please leave a comment here. I'm looking for help with making 25 quiches, 144 boiled eggs, 200 baggies of misc. sweets; shopping for apples, oranges, sausages, napkins, and bread;  and bringing water for 10-15 gallons of sekanjabin.
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They had the blood mobile at church yesterday, so I went in for a make-up donation. I got bounced last time for low iron. I passed this time (yay!) which means I’ve now donated 4 gallons at this blood center. The couple who organized the drive had t-shirts in recognition of 100-Donations which is just beyond cool. They are apheresis donors, which means they get to donate a lot more often than us whole-blood donors.
For those of you who qualify, please donate. It doesn’t take very long, and only hurts a little bit. 
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On Thursday, GM and I are going to spend a long weekend with his just-out-of-hospital-immuno-compromised brother. GM gets to play nursing assistant while I get to scrub the house, mow the lawn and make food.

I've trudged through the Food Safety class at Mission College, so I've got the basics down, but if anyone has advice on cooking for the elderly or immuno-compromised, I'd be glad to hear it. Any suggestions on foods I can leave in the freezer are double-helpful.

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I had a nice weekend. Friday night I made two batches of brownies, and a batch of the dates-stuffed-with-marcona-almonds-and wrapped-in-prosciutto ("crack" for short, it's[info]j_i_m_r's horribly addictive recipe) because it was my turn to bring after-church snacks on Sunday.
Saturday morning I made the cheese bread from Guter Spise, but I left the kitchen before the timer went off and the bread was a little ...dark on the bottom by the time I got back to it. Oops. The cheesey top was still good. GM and I will have to eat it because I can't take bad food to church. They've been so impressed with my MadCookingSkillZ, and I hate to disappoint. I was kinda bummed about the food fail, because I get an inordinate amount of amusement in feeding medieval/renaissance recipes to mundane audiences. They really liked the ginger tarts from Epulario and the Ember Day tarts from Ancient Cookery at the brunch earlier this month.
Saturday afternoon GM and I went to a wedding. It was a very nice affair, comfy chairs, pretty site and a ceremony that seemed very personalized and meaningful to the principals. I like weddings. The caterers did another version of j_i_m_r's crack, cream cheese stuffed prunes wrapped in bacon and broiled. Mmmmm. There was a curried chicken tea sandwich I want to try to recreate.
Sunday I woke up early. I pared the brie and covered it with pesto and pine nuts, cut the grapes into the little bunches and stacked up the cheese and salami crackers. I couldn't decide what to do with the other brie, so I ended up covering it with chopped sun dried tomatoes. Maybe for the next party I'll do a mix of sun dried tomatoes and olive tapenade. The snacks seemed to go well and the crack was really popular, but next year I need to remember to take the brownies out of the pans. They were a bit stuck for the dexterity of desperate children. Other mental notes for next time, only one pound of milled carrots, but two boxes of crackers (triscuts or wheat thins) per pound of brie. And three pans of brownies.
Sunday afternoon I pulled the tomatoes, the marjoram and the evil basil out of the garden and harvested the first of the last of the good basil. Sniffle. The end of basil season is always sad. But there's a whole bag in the freezer for making festive holiday lasagnas. I was about to pull out the oregano, but GM argued there was no reason not to leave it until we can plant another one. I took all the dead bits out of the lovage, it might stay another year, but I think's doomed. I've not eaten much of it, and it takes a sunny spot. Soon I must trim the lavender and the rosemary. Hopefully I'll get some more gardening in next Sunday.


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